Our Story

We love seasons, and gathering around a table, the clinking of glasses accompanied by laughter, food and naturally, fire… We love sharing and equality. Understanding. Loving as is. Experimenting, Discussing the miracle of food and regionality with ingredients provided by the earth, water, sun, and labor. We love learning, changing, and diversity.

Turkish Kitchen

Truva Turkish Kitchen, is a Mediterranean restaurant specializing in authentic Turkish cuisine. The restaurant focuses on offering the freshest ingredients in their signature dishes, inviting guests to enjoy the taste and flavors of traditional Turkish fare.


Truva Turkish Kitchen has an inviting and casual atmosphere enjoyed by Turkish cuisine aficionados and first-timers alike. Aside from our delicious and authentic food, our personable and professional staff as well as the cozy setting will create a memorable experience for every diner.


Truva Turkish Kitchen with our long years of management experience, offer you a variety of dishes suitable for all hours of the day, from main courses to appetizers, fish, desserts, in a pleasant and warm atmosphere. Truva Turkish Kitchen promises unforgettable tastes and a unique presentation to its guests. Our goal is to make sure you enjoy being here and leave happy. Because ultimately, It’s you who bring joy to this kitchen